From Family Equality


Dear Friends, Well, it’s official. Today, the most comprehensive pro-LGBTQ+ legislation in our nation’s history, the Equality Act, has been introduced in Congress. As it stands, LGBTQ+ people can still get… 💼 Fired from our jobs 🏡 Evicted from our homes 🥘 Denied service in a restaurant 📚 Bullied in school ...and more, simply because of who we are, whom we love, how our families were formed, and what our parents look like.

  The Equality Act could change that. By adding LGBTQ+ people to existing civil rights laws and strengthening protections for all people—including women, religious minorities, and people of color—this bill will ensure that we can protect our families and contribute to our communities. Family Equality brings the voices and needs of LGBTQ+ families to the frontlines of the fight to pass the Equality Act. Will you chip in today to ensure we can see this fight through to the end?

     Now more than ever, we need comprehensive federal protections that are clear and consistent. Stay tuned in the coming days and weeks for ways that you can get involved in passing this historic piece of legislation, and thank you for joining us in this necessary work.

Denise Brogan-Kator CEO (Interim),
Chief Policy Officer Family Equality

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